Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Courses - Winnipeg

Why is continuing education so important?

As health care professionals, Massage Therapists are accountable to the clients they care for by ensuring their knowledge and skills are kept up-to-date and they remain competent to practice. One of the ways that Massage Therapists, like other professionals, ensure their competence to practice is by being involved in continuing professional development.

A commitment to life-long learning is critical as it allows a practitioner to learn and discover viable ways to improve on the patient care they deliver and effectively manage a career in the ever-changing landscape of the medical industry.

All members of the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM) participate in the compulsory education & Continuing Competency program. 

Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba

All courses offered have been approved for
continuing education credits that are recognized by MTAM.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Community Support Worker Presentation: Teachings of the Medicine Wheel - Edmonton

As a Community Support Worker, you will work with clients with different backgrounds and needs. The ability to relate well to your clients is essential in order to provide them with the type of care and support they require. It is important to be able to provide culturally-relevant support and services that reflect the Indigenous culture and values when working with Indigenous clients.

Medicine Wheel Edmonton
If you are considering a career as a Community Support Worker, join us for a special presentation where you have the opportunity to learn about the teachings of the Medicine Wheel.

Our Speaker
MahKoos (Michael Merrier) is a Traditional Healer and Elder. MahKoos is committed to the education of young Indigenous minds and worked with the Edmonton Catholic School board for many years. Currently, MahKoos continues his work at an elementary school two days a week.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Veterinary Office and Technical Assistant Information Session - Calgary

Do you consider yourself an animal lover?
Would you like to work with animals every day?

Consider a career as a Veterinary Office & Technical Assistant where you will get to assist the Veterinarian in common surgical procedures, manage front office operations and be skilled at handling and restraining animals when necessary.

Learn more about Robertson College's Veterinary Office & Technical Assistant diploma program at our upcoming 1-hour program information session.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Accounting & Payroll Administrator Information Session - Calgary

In our Accounting & Payroll Administrator diploma program, you will learn the basics of bookkeeping and payroll administration, develop your communication and computer skills, gain a basic understanding of office procedures, and become familiar with computerized accounting software.

The Accounting & Payroll Administrator diploma program utilizes the most current curriculum provided by the Canadian Payroll Association and meets the academic requirements of the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification. Learn more about this program, the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification through the Canadian Payroll Association and the certification process at our free 1-hour program information session. 

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Where do Veterinary Office Assistants Work?

Many people do not know that Veterinary Office Assistants can work in a variety of workplaces, and not just in vet clinics. Though clinics are the most common, we have detailed for you four settings in which Veterinary Office Assistants can be employed:

Animal Shelters
Animal shelters need a lot of vet staff to help keep the animals at the shelter healthy. Vets will perform everything from major emergency surgeries to routine vaccinations, helping animals so that they are more likely to be adopted.