Friday, January 29, 2010

Admin Jobs Today #1

Welcome to our new weekly feature, Admin Jobs Today!  What is this feature?  Well, every Friday I am going to look at the first 10 jobs for administrative assistants that appear on a job site (chosen at random) and examine the qualifications the employers are looking for when hiring administrative help.  This is a great way for job searchers to learn more about themselves - what skills do they already have?  What skills do the need to work on?  Should they think about going to school to develop their skills further?  Each Friday I will also post the jobs I've looked at so you can look at them more closely as well.
I've started with 29 skills and will show you all of them today and how many employers are requesting those skill but in the future I will focus on the top 10 skills.  The more jobs we look at the better picture we will have of what skills should be focused on.
So today these are the results that I got looking at the first 10 jobs on the Service Canada Job Bank.

Word 10
Windows 9
Excel 8
Internet 8
Work with public/provide info 8
Inventory 8
Email 7
Processing Mial 5
Reading 5
Writing 5
Oral communications 5
Work with others 5
Compile, record, process info 5
Store, update, retreive info 5
Accounting software 5
Prepare reports 4
Proofreading 4
Continuous learning 3
Problem solving, decision making, critical thinking 3
Finding info 3
Databases/spreadsheets 3
General bookkeeping 3
Receive payments 2
Organize, schedule office work 2
Filing 2
Memory 2
Swithboard 1
Electronic scheduling 1

As you can see the top 5 skills that employers are looking for in the 10 jobs that I looked at today are:
  1. Word
  2. Windows
  3. Excel
  4. Internet
  5. Working with the public and providing info
In the next week, I'll look at some of those skills in more depth and talk about what they mean and what kinds of tasks you might be doing with those skills.
Meanwhile, if you are looking for a job, feel free to check out the jobs that I looked at today:

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