Before You Call Tech Support

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Anyone who has a computer knows that there will eventually be some sort of problem that will necessitate calling tech support.  It may be directly related to the computer itself or it may be related to a specific type of software or program that you are running on your computer but at some point we all will need the help of tech support.  As the administrative assistant in the office that will often be your job. 

To make the task of talking to tech support – whether an inter-office tech support at your own company or tech support through the product or service – you should prepare yourself before you call.

Here are some things you need to know before you call tech support:

1.    Know exactly what the problem is.  I’m sure that one of the biggest pet peeves of people who work in tech support is when they ask the person calling to describe the problem and they say, “I don’t know – my computer doesn’t work!”  Know the details and be specific.
2.    Be prepared to follow some basic instructions – they can’t be there with you so they are going to ask you to go into certain areas of your computer, like your Control Panel, so you can look at settings in different areas.  This will help them narrow down the problem.
3.    Have a pen and paper handy to jot down notes.  They may ask you to do something fairly simple that you can fix yourself in the future.
4.    Know your IP number. This is something they often ask for.
5.    Be ready to give them computer specific information like brand, processor type, RAM capacity, the size of your hard drive and free space on it.
6.    Know what antivirus program you are using and what version.
7.    Do some basic checks – Make sure your computer is hooked up everywhere properly.  Re-start your computer.  Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
8.    Finally – go here and read some of the conversations here.  If you recognize yourself in any of them – GO AND TAKE A COMPUTER COURSE!

As an administrative assistant you need to know exactly how to maneuver around your computer and you’ll need to be able to follow basic instructions.