Top 5 Fan Pages/Groups on Facebook for Admins

One of the things I believe administrative assistants should do is always be on top of the newest information in their field.  A couple days ago I talked about using Google Alerts to be up to date with the news but there are other ways that you can do this as well.  Following people on Twitter is one of them and I've given you a few great people to follow.  Today I'd like to talk about fan pages on Facebook.  They can be an excellent resource of information and news.  And don't forget groups.  Groups have some great discussions and can be a good way to keep in touch with others who have the same interests as you do.

Of course, a great place to start if you're interested in education would be a school that you are interested in or that you have gone to or that offers programs in your field. So, starting with fan pages:
  1. Robertson College Winnipeg fan page or Robertson College Calgary fan page is a great place to start.  If you're interested in online learning follow the Winnipe fan page.  Our fan pages are slowly growing but there will be lots of great information and discussion happening there in the future.  We're even going to have some give-aways so this would be a great time to become a fan.
  2. The Admin Professional - of course we have our own fan page just for people that are interested in an adminstrative career or are already in one. We focus purely on the administrative job field. 
  3. Mashable - this is one of my all time favorite fan pages and it is useful no matter what field you are in.  They feature all the latest trends of what is happening on the net.  From info on how to make your fan pages better (if your company doesn't have one they'll help you get started as well) to technology to Web 2.0 - you'll find it all here.  Don't know what half of that means?  Then you definitely need to be a fan of this page!
  4. Facebook - let's face it - Facebook is constantly changing and anyone that is using Facebook for professional reasons needs to be a fan of this page.  That way you'll never miss news on changes.  It's a must in my opinion.
  5. Administrative Assistant's Network - this group is mostly American but highlights some great pieces to read on the net.
You're likely going to find more fan pages and groups that are specific to the field that you are working in but remember that Facebook is not just for games and chat.  Facebook can be a great tool to keep you informed and up to date and it can even help you find a job!
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