Send Yourself Some Inspiration

Everyone knows that one of the most important ways to become successful is by having goals. But even when you have goals it is hard to stay inspired. You don't always have someone cheering you on, do you? So you have to be your own cheerleader. You have to remind yourself why these goals are important and what you should be doing to accomplish them. But how do you do that? Well, now you can send yourself some inspiration via email. That's right - send yourself an email to your future using

This site allows you to send yourself an email in the future - anywhere from three months to three years or longer even. Remind yourself of where you were or encourage yourself to keep on working on the goals. Remind yourself what is important to you.

I've used this handy little tool several times while I was working on a project. I sent myself several emails over the course of a year (roughly how long I thought it would take to reach that goal) to remind myself of what part of my plan I should be working on, to remind myself of the points I wanted to reach, and to basically cheer myself on. And by the time I got those emails I had completely forgotten that I had sent them.

Use this for personal or professional goals, but they will definitely inspire and surprise you when you get them!