Top 5 Things Filing is NOT

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Sometimes people have a lot of misconceptions about filing.  They thing it is simple and that anyone can do it.  Well, anyone who has ever been responsible for a filing system knows differently!
Filing is NOT:
  1. Easy - in fact, there are many things about filing that are hard
  2. Fast - filing takes time, especially if you do it right
  3. Just putting things in alphabetical order - there's more to it than that!  In fact, there are 10 filing rules that you need to know.
  4. A make busy job - it actually isn't the kind of thing you can leave until you have nothing better to do.  You have to make time for it.
  5. Boring - it can actually be very interesting and if you're putting thought into it it can keep you mind busy for hours
The fact is that there is a lot involved in filing.  It's not just a matter of putting things in alphabetical order and then slipping them in a folder.  Someone that has a really good filing system knows that it takes time to get that system set up right and it takes time to maintain it.  There are definite rules that you need to follow and every office is going to have their own special rules on top of that.

What's the big deal?  Why spend so much time on it?

Well, the truth is that everyone in the office is going to depend on your filing skills.  When they need to find something from a meeting that happened a year ago they are going to depend on your filing skills to be able to find it easily.  When they need to find an invoice for a customer whose account was written off but they suddenly were able to make a payment, they need to be able to find it quickly to verify the amounts.  When the boss is in a rush and you need to find the notes from his last meeting, you'll be glad you spend the time to have it filed properly.

There are a lot of things that filing is but one thing is for sure - filing is NOT the easiest job in the office!