Administrative Professionals' Day

You know what this week is right?  It's Administrative Professional's Week - OUR week!  And the 21st of April is Administrative Professional's Day!

Did you know this has been happening since 1952?  I actually thought this was a fairly new thing until I started looking at it more.  Apparently, this New York publicist, Harry F. Klemfuss, was working with the National Secretaries Association (now the International Association of Administrative Professionals) and they turned it into this national event.  Now almost every office celebrates Administrative Professional's Day by doing nice things for their administrative staff.

What kinds of things should bosses do for their admin staff?  Well, I always say that if you know your staff you won't have a hard time figuring out what to buy them but that doesn't always happen so here are a few ideas that will work for almost everyone:

  • coffee club card
  • movie gift certificates
  • a longer lunch (paid for by the boss!)
  • gift baskets 
  • spa day
  • a day off
  • a subscription to their favorite magazine
  • tickets to a concert
  • amazon gift card
Really, the list can go on and on.  

The bottom line is that admins should be appreciated every day - we do a lot of work - but it is nice that there is a special day just for us to remind our bosses; just in case they forget!