How to Avoid Secretary Bottom

You know what I’m talking about right?It’s the old myth that if you get a job as a secretary you’ll get a big bottom from sitting on it all day long.Well, that’s only true if you really do nothing but sit all day and if you go home and sit all night long. If you are (or are going to be) and administrative assistant there are several things you can do to prevent secretary bottom
  • Exercise at home - it shouldn't need to be said but don't go home and sit in front of the TV all night long.  Not only is that not good for you but if you spend some time exercising you'll be able to get rid of daily stresses and do your job better.  So get out and go for a walk, join a fitness class, or engage in an active game with your kids.
  • Desk stretches - they may not help you lose weight but they will help you stay limber.  There are lots of stretches you can do at your desk like the ones found here.
  • Break time walks - breaks are there to help you so go for a quick walk around the block during your break.  Or, if you're allowed to, eat at your desk and go for a longer walk at lunch time.  It's even easier to do this if you recruit a co-worker to come with you.
  • Take the stairs - f you work in an office with several floors start taking the stairs.  This is great for the butt and thighs and that's the spot many women have troubles with.
  • Squats - there are so many opportunities to implement squats into your day that once you get in the habit of it you won't even think twice about doing it.  Just remember to do a squat instead of bending from the waist whenever you need to pick something up or get something out of the bottom file cabinet drawer.  Keep your back straight and your shoulders forward and lean into your heels.  
  • Get rid of your chair - replace it with a fitness ball and you'll be working on your core muscles all day long.  You can use it for other exercises as well when you have a break or at lunch time.
  • Walk or bike to work - if you live close enough you'll find this is a great way to get a little bit of energy at the beginning of the day.  Or if you don't want to get all sweaty before you get to work, walk home.
  • Organize and office sports team - basketball, softball, or soccer are great ways to have fun with your co-workers and it builds team morale as well.
Try implementing some of these strategies and you'll find that secretary bottom is no longer a concern!