Top 10 Gifts for Administrative Guys

There are lots of administrative assistants out there that are men and they might not appreciate the standard flowers that female admins tend to get. So what do you get for them on the upcoming Administrative Assistant's Day?
Here's some ideas:
  1. Movie gift cards - almost everyone likes to see movies so either a movie rental card or gift certificates for a movie theater are great ideas.
  2. I-tunes cards.  Of course this isn't going to be great if they don't have an I-pod but if they do they'll be likely to find something they can add to their playlist on the I-tunes store.
  3. Coffee club card - does your admin love coffee?  Then get him a card for a coffee club at a place he goes to often.
  4. Tickets - there's always something coming up that they will want to see - concerts or sports events are two good choices.  Find out what they like first though.  No sense in getting him tickets for a football game if he doesn't even know who your local team is!
  5. His own business cards.  Administrative assistants network as well so get him something classy that he can hand out.  Make him feel like an important part of your company.
  6. Mouse wrist support pad.  Show him you care about his health on the job.
  7. Personalized items - mouse pads, coffee cups, money clips - almost anything can be personalized these days.
  8. Restaurant gift certificate - does he have a favorite restaurant or is there a new restaurant he's been talking about going to?
  9. Subscription to a magazine.
  10. Time off - what admin isn't going to appreciate that?
The most important thing when buying a gift for an admin - male or female - is to make sure that it is something thoughtful.  Don't buy him a coffee gift card if he only drinks tea.  If you're not sure, talk to some of his co-workers.  There are sure to be some of them that would be happy to make sure you get him something that he'll appreciate.