5 Sites for Continuous Learning

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Ask my students - I'm always telling them that once they have graduated from the Administrative Professional and Bookkeeper course their learning is not done.  In order to succeed in our job - and in any job really - you need to be continuously learning.  Never stop learning because if you do you'll be stuck.

So, how do you keep learning when you're busy paying off student loans?

There are loads of sites that can help you learn while you're on the job and they can help you progress on your job.  When your boss sees that you take the initiative to learn new things on your own without the suggestion of the company they know you are serious about your job.  They know that you are motivated from within.  They know that you care about doing the best job you can do.  And those three things combined will make you prime promotion material.

Here are 5 sites where you can learn online, either for free for for a reasonable low-cost fee.

  • Lynda.com - this was one of the first sites that I came across that offers online learning for a reasonable fee.  They have a wide selection of courses to choose from - 796 courses at the current check - and they add new courses every month.  One monthly price gets you access to all of them so you can pick and choose which ones you are most interested in.  Or you can subscribe to the yearly fee and save a little bit of money.  Highly recommended as there are great options here for admins.
  • Online-Learning.com - this is another great site where the fee is affordable and you can choose the courses you want to take.  You can choose from either self-paced courses or mentored courses.  You do pay per course with this one.  Good choice for admins as well as you can pick up a lot of knowledge that will add real value to your skills.
  • IAAP - The International Association of Administrative Professionals is actually a professional organization but there are courses available to members that hold a lot of weight in our field.  Check out some of the options that members can take advantage of here.  You can also get certified as a CPS or a CAP though the organization and at a lower cost if you're a member.  If you're serious about your job and about making it a career this is definitely worth the investment, even though it might cost you a little more.
  • Microsoft Office - what could be more invaluable?  You know you're going to use this on your job every day so make sure you are fully knowledgeable in the latest versions.  The great part - you can do it all online, at your own pace, for free.  Doesn't get better than that.  I definitely recommend this option if you either need to upgrade or if you need a refresher.  
  • Alison.com - one more freebie.  This is more for people that just need to know the basics but it is free and easy to use.  From soft skills to professional skills to technical skills, there is a little bit of everything here.  Worth checking out.