How to Increase Moral in the Office

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Employees often assume it is up to the bosses and managers to keep morale high in the office but you can contribute to this as well.  As an administrative employee you are the person that other employees see most often.  You are the one that has the most contact with staff, managers, and visitors and you can have a huge effect of office morale.

Here are some of the ways you can help build morale in your office:

  • Smile!  A smile goes a long way.  A smile can change someone's mood or encourage them or make their day just a little bit better.
  • Say Thank You.  Saying thank you makes a big difference in how people do their job.  
  • Tell a joke.  Sometimes when things get a little crazy, a well-timed joke can make it easier to get past the craziness.
  • Use inspirational quotes.  You might put one on the company bulletin board or you might include it in your email.  
  • Start a company newsletter where you praise people's successes.
These are just a few of the things that you can likely do on your own, but there are even more things that you can do if you work with others.  Talk to managers about how you can help them build morale in your company and they will likely be grateful for your help and ideas.
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