Using E-Mail Reminders To Get The Job Done

Do you ever find that there are certain tasks that are so easy to forget that they get overlooked in you busy day to day schedule?  It happens to all of us. 
They are often those things that seem so easy to put off until later like filling in a time sheet or logging your activities.  After all, it’s more important to get this email written first isn’t it?    There’s always something that is more important.

One of the ways that I like to get those little things done is to set up email reminders.  My rule is when I get an e-mail reminder from myself I need to either stop and do it or reset the reminder.  And the truth is that doing it usually takes just as much time as resetting the reminder so I might as well just do it!

Most e-mail systems allow you to set up “events” in your calendar with dates and times.

Setting up the event allows me to choose the due date and the time.  But more importantly it allows me to set up a reminder for myself.  In Gmail you can set up to two reminders and they can be e-mail or pop-up reminders.  If your computer doesn’t allow pop-ups you will either need to give permissions for pop-ups from this site or you’ll have to stick with e-mail reminders.
Truthfully, I prefer the e-mail reminders anyway.

Try using email reminders to get those little things done and I’ll bet you’ll find that your office/desk/work life runs a lot smoother.