How to Become a Company Leader

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There are two things you should remember about leadership.

First, you should know that leaders are not born – they are made.  Leaders work hard to develop skills that will help them guide people.  Leaders take charge of their own learning and are inner motivated and they never stop advancing in their knowledge.

The second thing you should know is that there are two types of company leaders.  There are the ones that have a title and acquire leadership along with that title and there are the ones that take on a leadership role by default.  Either kind of leadership can help you advance in your career.

Chances are that as an administrative assistant you will not have leadership assigned to you but if you take on a leadership role on your own having a title that comes with leadership may not be far off.
How can you take on a leadership role?  Here are a few ways:

  • Watch for those in the office that seem to be lacking direction.  Help them find direction, whether it is from you or from others in the organization that can help them.  You may suggest to a manager or a team leader that someone needs a little extra attention or you might direct the one who needs help to the person who can answer questions and give them guidance.
  • Look for opportunities to motivate.  Managers should be the real motivators in the company but we all know that this is not always the case.  When you see that someone has put a lot of effort into something let them know.  When someone seems to be having an off day, make them smile.
  • Find ways to make the job more pleasurable.  Boring tasks can be made more interesting with small competitions (who can make the most phone calls in a half hour period) or by encouraging people to find ways to be more efficient.
  • Encourage socializing.  When people get to know one another they feel better about working together and then they feel better about their job.  Ask several different people out for a lunch one day and try to mix up people that don’t normally socialize together.

When you take on a leadership role without being asked, others will notice it and you will soon be considered a company leader, even if you don’t have the title to go along with it.  As more people look to you for leadership managers and leaders in the company will notice and you may soon find yourself being offered a position with a title that has formal leadership role associated with it.