What Are The Office Supplies You Can't Do Without?

Office supplies are part of our business.  We need lots of supplies to help us stay on top of our jobs.

So, what are the office supplies that you can’t do without?  Here’s my list:
  • Sticky notes – I love them.  I have them in all sizes, too.  I like the little ones for quick notes that I know I’ll get rid of as soon as I finish a task.  The bigger ones are great for putting additional notes in a book or on a report.  Like when you need to add something to it.
  • Note pads.  I always have a notepad handy to jot down messages, things I need to do but not until later.  I fill up a small note pad every week almost so I like to have lots of them in stock.
  • Colored file folders.  Those colored file folders help me keep everything organized and it is so much easier to find something when I can narrow my search down to a specific color.
  • Paper clips.  I know staples are annoying to have to remove so when I need to keep papers together for my own purposes I use paper clips.  And the colored plastic covered ones make it easy to color code things, too.
  • Colored highlighters.  Different colors of highlighters help you to edit documents.  You don’t need to make notes about what is wrong because you can color code your edits.  Green for spelling, pink for grammar, yellow for wordiness.
  • Hole puncher.  I put lots of documents into binders and a hole puncher makes life easier.
So, what office supplies can you not live without?  Leave a comment!