Gifts to Buy for Co-Workers

It seems like it is always someone’s birthday, wedding, baby shower or something in the office doesn’t it?  All those special events can really empty your wallet quickly, but you do not have to spend a lot of money to show your co-workers that you are thinking of them.

It helps if others in the office are pitching in but even then it can get expensive.  Instead of chipping in $10 each, try a $3 or $4 contribution and you will find that you can still get them something they will like.

Here are some ideas for presents for co-workers if you are buying on your own:

  • Baking – Do you have a talent for cooking?  Make them a fresh batch of cookies or some banana loaf or something that you know they like.
  • Coffee/Tea – Get a nice mug and fill it with flavors of tea or coffee.
  • Stationary – You can never have too much pens/pencils; get them something that reflects their personality.  You can also buy them small things like organizers or fancy sticky pads.
  • Calendars – Everyone needs a calendar and you can buy desk calendars and wall calendars at reasonable prices.
  • Chocolate covered pretzels – They are easy to make and if you put them in a little holiday bag and tie with some ribbon they are attractive.
  • Christmas wisk – Buy a cheap metal wisk at a dollar store and fill it with Hershey’s kisses; tie it with red ribbon and a little card that says, “I wisk you a Merry Kissmas”.
  • Ornaments – Buy inexpensive ball ornaments and put their name on it with glitter glue.  They can put it on the company tree or take it home.
Baby Shower:
  • Necessities – Every new mom needs things like wash cloths, diaper pins, burping cloths; these can be bought at a very low cost at dollar stores.
  • Wall plaque – Buy a small canvass at an art store and paint a decorative wall plaque to hang in the baby’s room.
  • CD – Buy or make a CD with soothing baby music.