4 Ways You Can Benefit From Working on Teams

English: Team work
English: Team work (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many people do not like to work on teams.  They feel that they slow things down and that they cause more problems than they are worth.  But there are many benefits to working on teams that should not be ignored.
Here are some of the benefits of working on teams:
  1. They make you look good.  When the team does well, it reflects on you.  If you are associated with projects that have had great teams behind them you get to reap the benefits of the whole team.
  2. It helps your reputation. Everyone loves a team player and if you can build up experience with working on teams you will be someone that the company values and will look to for other team efforts.
  3. Networking.  You get to work with people that you normally don’t work with so take the opportunity to network.  You never know when another department is going to be hiring for the position you have always wanted to have and if someone in that department has worked with you before you are much more likely to get the position.
  4. Learn new skills.  Because teams are made up of people that have different skills and talents, you may get a chance to work with an expert and learn to do something new.  This adds to your skill set, which only makes you a more valuable part of the company.

The work that you do with teams might be the same thing that you do every day as part of your regular job but it is seen as more valuable.  Team projects tend to get done faster because each person only has to focus on their individual  proficiency.  Each person has a skill that they are experts at and by working on the things they know well, the entire team works better.