How to Prepare for a Performance Review

The dreaded performance review can be a big deal in the world of administrative professionals. In a job that is often thankless, the performance review can give you a chance to see just how appreciated you really are if you're doing a good job, and where you need to improve if improvements are called for. While a bit of anxiety is natural, try not to stress out too much. Come to your review as prepared as possible and leave little room for performance review stress.

Review Yourself

Reviewing yourself is a natural part of preparing for a performance review. Obtain a copy of performance review objectives, if possible. Critique yourself as your manager would. Are you late often? Do you always make your deadlines? Are you having difficulty working with others? Be honest with yourself as to your good and bad qualities so you know just what to expect.

Open Your Mind

Performance reviews are the one time when your manager can tell you what you are doing well and what you need improvement on without you having to worry about whether or not your job is at stake. Be realistic with yourself; if your performance was unsatisfactory enough to warrant termination, it probably wouldn't happen at your performance review. Everyone in the company is getting a review, and this is your chance to defend yourself and highlight the good qualities that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Do Salary Research

Most performance reviews are in preparation for a possible raise. If you know that you are going to request an increase in salary, do a little bit of research as to other administrative professionals in your department with your history and skill set. Make sure that you aren't asking for more than you are worth, but don't sell yourself short.

Performance reviews can have a lot at stake, and it is natural to be nervous. Making sure that you are always doing your best and preparing for your review before it happens are the most important keys to eliminating performance review anxiety.