What if the New Job is Not What You Thought It Would Be?

Sometimes when we have been looking for a job we are ready to take almost anything that comes up. And sometimes we don’t realize that this isn’t the job we wanted until we have already started. The what? What do you do when you’ve been on the job for a week or two or maybe even more and you realize that the job is not everything you thought it would be? Worse yet, maybe it is nothing you thought it would be.

Do you stick it out or get out while you can? This is a big decision and one only you can make. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer. But there are some things you can consider before you make your decision.

First, ask if it is just that it is taking longer than you thought to adjust to the new job. It can be very unsettling to be the new person on the job. It takes time to learn your way around the office and around all the new people that you are working with. It takes awhile before you feel like a valuable part of the team. For some people it might only take a week. For others it could take months.

Ask yourself I you have a boss that you can live with now. Remember that your new boss is not going to be the same as dealing with the old boss. He/she might be easier to deal with but they are bound to have those little things about them that are not so easy to deal with, too. If the things that are not so easy to deal with are things that don’t make you uncomfortable, if they are things that you feel you can work around, you might want to hold out and see if time will make the job itself any different.

How do you feel about the office politics? This is a huge factor to many people and when it comes to office politics many will choose to stay at a job where they are familiar rather than change jobs that they need to learn to deal with new people. Office politics can be positive or negative, so ask yourself if you can handle the way office politics are run in this new environment or if you are willing to stay long enough to figure it out.

What can you learn on this new job and is it valuable enough to make you consider staying? You can adjust to almost anything given enough time so are the skills that you could learn on this new job worth staying for? You may learn about new technologies or you might get training for skills that would be hard to get in other places. This job could potentially be a great stepping stone to better positions and you may be able to advance within the company. Consider all of your options before you quit a job because it is not going exactly as anticipated. There may be some aspects of the job that make it worth toughing it out until you can adjust.