Creative Ways to Find a New Job

At some point we all have to look for a new job, whether it is because our company closed or we are just looking for something more challenging.  But the traditional methods of job search can get kind of stale and finding new and creative ways to get noticed are important.  Try some of these suggestions that have worked for other job searchers:

Use Prospecting Letters

Do some research on 5-10 companies that you would like to work for.  Then use your network to find out who might have contacts within those companies.  When you find someone that knows someone in a company you want to work for, ask for an introduction or a reference.  You can even ask them to forward your resume on your behalf.  Remember that employers are more likely to hire someone that comes recommended by someone they know.

Write a Report

Put together a report on a topic that you consider yourself an expert in and is relevant to your industry or your job.  Distribute it for free on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and newsgroups.  Make sure that the footer of each page has a statement that says something like this: “(Your name) is a professional administrative assistant with a degree from (school you went to).  For professional queries or job offers, please contact (your name) at (your email address).”

Phone the Human Resource Department

Sounds like such a simple thing to do doesn’t it?  But a direct call to Human Resources can give you the opportunity to ask questions and get some great answers that are not otherwise available.  Be friendly, but not overly pushy.  Be direct.  At the worst, they will simply tell you to send your resume.  At the best, you might get an interview.