How Can Administrative Assistants Advance

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Many times people start their jobs as administrative assistants with the intention of advancing through the ranks and other times they realize that this is a possibility only after they've started their career.  If you've just realized that being promoted is something that you want, here are some tips to getting noticed:

  1. Have a positive attitude.  I don't just mean, smile.  That's part of your job.  I mean really be positive about things.  When there is change coming about in your company, be one of the people that looks at all the good things that can come about from it instead of one of the ones that complains about it.
  2. Think creatively.  Spend time brainstorming with co-workers.  Think outside the box to come up with new ideas to bring about bigger and better results.
  3. Have a strong work ethic.  Be fair.  Always put in an honest days work.  Don't bring home company supplies.  Don't stretch out your hours on projects.
  4. Be willing to learn.  There are always going to be interesting opportunities and some of them will come across your desk.  Don't dismiss them just because you don't know how to do them.  Be willing to take on challenges.
  5. Be willing to teach.  You likely have some specialized knowledge that others can benefit from.  Don't be afraid to take the time to teach what you know.
  6. Be visible.  Greet people, have conversations, share ideas.  Offer your skills and your expertise.
  7. Speak up.  If you aren't getting noticed let your boss know when you've accomplished something great.  Tell them about the new filing system you've implemented.  They have jobs, too, so they might not notice it if you don't speak up.
Implement some of these strategies and people in the office will notice your hard work.  And yes, you might be considered for that promotion!
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