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Your email can be a great tool for reminding yourself about upcoming and current projects and it is also good for having a back up of previous conversations.  But it won’t help you much if you can’t find the email that you are looking for so it is important to be organized.  If you remember that a certain co-worker had emailed you about a project you are working on together and it is time to move forward but you can’t remember all the details, you’ll need to be able to find the original email to refresh your memory.  How are you going to find it?
There are several ways that you can organize your emails:
  • by location – if you have several offices that work together it might be most efficient to organize by geographic location.  At my last job, this was what worked for me.  I had Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Quebec, and Montreal.  To find an email all I had to do was remember where the person was located and then sort by name.
  • by project – if you have several projects that you work on on a regular basis, create folders for each project.
  • by manager – sometimes you will have different managers/staff that you work with and if there aren’t more than 10 this might be a good way to sort your email.
Those are just a few suggestions, but think about your job and the categories of work that you do or who you do them for.  Your folders should be created according to the most logical one for you.
And just a note about managers – if you have one manager that you regularly sort through their email then have a folder just for that one manager.
Now, how do you create folders?  It is really quiet simple.  I’m going to assume that you are working with Outlook or Windows Mail – they are the two most common and they are very similar.  So, to create a new folder follow these steps:
  • Go to File
  • Choose New
  • Choose Folder
  • Name your folder and click OK
And that’s it.  New folder has been created.  Repeat until you have all the desired folders that will help you get organized.
After your folders are created, sort your email by name.  Now you can move all the emails into the correct folders.  You can choose a selection of folders that are all in a row by click in the first one, hold down the Shift key, and then click on the last one.  This will highlight them all.  From there you can either right click and move them or you can simply drag them over to the folder you want them to be in.
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