So You've Decided You Want to Be an Administrative Assistant

Now you just need to decide what field you want to work in!  But how do you figure out what field would be best for you?  Well, before you can make a decision like this you really need to get to know yourself.  You need to spend some time thinking about what you like to do, what is important to you, and what skills you already have.

So, sit down with some paper and pen and get ready to think!

First, you should look at the jobs you've had and the skills you already have.  Write down every job you've had and leave room to write down the skills you learned at each job.  You're also going to write down the things you LIKED about each job and the things you DIDN'T LIKE about the job.  Spend a good amount of time doing this.

Once you're done with the jobs think about the things you LIKE doing in your non-working time.  Do you like to spend time with friends or are you more of a loner?  Do you like learning computer programs?  Do you spend your time on the Internet doing social networking?  Do you prefer to be more active than sitting?  Are you interested in current events or entertainment?  All of those things can help you decide what kind of jobs you should be applying for.

Finally, get out the phone book and do some browsing.  Write down every place that you think would be interesting or enjoyable to work for.  Yes, every single one.  Then think about what kind of admin help they might need.  Now you have a list of places to consider applying for and you can narrow down the fields that you would be best suited for.

The Administrative Professional and Bookkeeping course is well suited for a wide assortment of fields.  Whether you like to be more creative or you like more structured settings the skills you learn in this course can be very helpful.

The Medical Office Assisant course is great for those who like helping people and have a very calm and reassuring demeanor. 

The Legal Office Assistant course is better suited to people who are great at remembering terms and love current events and the law.

The Veterinary Office Assistant course is perfect for those who love animals and love doing hands on work.

The Accounting and Payroll Administrator course (an extension of the Administrative Professional and Bookkeeping course) is perfect for those with a mind for logic and numbers!