Top 10 Tweeters Admins Should Follow

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You might be asking yourself, "Why would I want to follow admin assistants on Twitter?" or maybe even, "Why should I use Twitter at all?"  Twitter is the social media platform that is about sharing information and networking.  Sure, it's kind of addictive but there are many advantages to "tweeting" as well.  But this isn't a Twitter lesson - I'm by no means a guru.  I'll just say that Twitter can help you get jobs, learn more about a career that you're interested in, gather information, and make connections with others that can be helpful in a wide variety of ways. 
Sign up for a Twitter account here and then once you are signed up follow me here.
Now that we've got that done, here's my top 10 list of tweets that admins should follow:
  1. @presentationski - This tweeter gives great tips and ideas on improving presentation skills with PowerPoint. 
  2. @JillChongva - a virtual assistant right here in Winnipeg that specializes in WordPress set up and troubleshooting.  
  3. @DianeCovilleAOA - a virtual assistant with skills in desktop publishing, marketing, bookkeeping, and more.
  4. @NorwichPA - a personal assistant that offers a wide array of services.
  5. @RealEstateVAs - interested in being an admin in real estate?  You need to follow this one!
  6. @AskViki - business support services
  7. @claudiaguzman - virtual assistant that also specialize in social media marketing
  8. @Missbookkeeping - bookkeeper and VA
  9. @netmanners - great advice on netiquette!
  10. @InterviewQs - we all need to go to interviews at some point and these people know what they are talking about
So, that's it.  My top 10 people to follow on Twitter.  There are so many more though.  If you're interested in a specific field then look for people in that field.  There is loads of information, knowldege, and tips being tweeted every day and you're missing out on it so get tweeting!
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