Why Do Robertson College Students Have a Work Practicum?

practicum desk
practicum desk (Photo credit: Robotconscience)
Part of each course that is taken at Robertson College involves a practicum portion or work experience.  The length of your practicum is determined by the course that you take. Someone did a search for "do you have to find your own place for a practicum at Robertson College" so I thought I would talk a little bit about that today.

First, why do our students do practicums?

Very simply, because it gives you the opportunity to get real life experience doing all the things you have learned in your course.  If you take the Administrative Professional course you will do a practicum at a business where you are able to do filing, answer phones, deal with customers, write business letters, and many of the things that you learn during your course.  Of course, the tasks that you will do in your practicum will vary according the business where you work.

The other advantage is that you have a reference to provide for future job applications.  One of the hardest parts of getting a job in a field where you have just been trained in is that you may not have someone that can give a reference for you.  But when you leave Robertson College, you have two references - one from you instructor (make sure you ask first!) and one from the place where you did you practicum (again, make sure to ask!).

Do you have to find your own practicum?

No.  At Robertson College we have a team of Job Search Specialists who not only help you write your resume, teach you how to write a cover letter, and prepare you for the interview process, but they also set you up with your practicum.  They take the time to talk to employers all over the city where you live so they can find the best learning environments for you to take your practicum portion of the course.  Each student is place with a work practicum business that will take the time to make sure that they get some practical experience.

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