A Career in Travel is for You if You Want to Go Places!

Do you love to travel? Do you love working with people? Are you passionate about helping people realize their vacation dreams? Then a career in travel may be perfect for you.

Crystal, a graduate of a Travel Counselor program, said, “My favorite part about being a travel counselor is that I am constantly given the opportunity to learn and grow. No two days are ever the same, I am always booking tickets for different destinations, providing me with the opportunity to learn about different places.”

A Travel Counselor program is a great option for someone that does not want to spend years getting university degree but does want a career that is fun and rewarding. The average Travel Counselor program at a business college is 10-12 months long, so you may find yourself starting your new job in a year or less. In most business colleges, you will also find that there are smaller classes, unlike the classes at universities. Smaller classes can help you focus on your job aspirations and you’ll be more likely to get one on one help when you need it.

What kind of skills do you need to become a travel counselor? 

You should:

  • Have an interest in customer service and sales 
  • Have a passion for travel 
  • Become familiar with the places that clients are interested in 
  • Have computer skills 
  • Have good written and verbal communications skills 
  • Be comfortable on the Internet 
If you’re interested in a career as a travel counselor do your research. Find a college with a good reputation that offers you a selection of options. You can learn in a classroom environment or you can explore online learning schools.