Planning For a Second Career

Source: Wikipedia
Are you at a point in your life when you know that you need to plan a second career? It happens to most people at some point. The majority of people today do not have only one career. They will have several. In some ways, planning for your second career is easier than planning for your first, because you will have experience and knowledge that you did not have the first time around.

Planning for a second career requires that you get prepared. You need to learn everything you possibly can about the career that you are interested in. You can do this by researching the career online or talking to others that are employed in the field. With the Internet, it is easier than ever to make contact with people that are working in a specific field. Places like LinkedIn are a great way to make contact with people and they are often very willing to answer your questions.

You should make connections with people that are working in the career field that you are interested in. Not only should you make connections online but find opportunities to meet people in real life, too. Tell others in your personal network what you are doing and they will often refer you to people you can talk to or they may tell you about events that they have heard of.

Add to your knowledge and skills base. When you are planning a second career, you may find that you need to get additional education. Business colleges can be a great source of short-term education. You can get diplomas and degrees that you might need to start your second career in a shorter period of time than you can at a university and can often be in the workforce in less than a year. You should also use self-study as a means of increasing your skills by attending workshops and seminars.

Consider your financial situation. Sometimes when you start a second career it is necessary to start at a lower wage than you might be used to. You may need to set aside some savings to ensure that your standard of living does not change significantly.

Take action every day when you plan your second career. Find new information. Meet new people. Plan ahead. If you plan carefully, you can be successful in starting a new career!