Stay In Your Boss's Good Favor

Work hard & be nice to people...Image by Wurz via Flickr
Do you want to get in and stay in your boss’s good favor? Of course you do. There are a few critical indicators that will determine your boss’s opinion of you.

First, you show yourself to be an employee that is contributing to the success of the company you work for. Remember that it is your job to make your boss’s job easier. If you do that, your boss will want to make sure that you are happier in your job. So how do you do that?

Be committed. Your boss wants to know that you are not only committed to the company but also to doing the best job you can. Be accountable for your actions and remember that everything you do affects the success of the company on some level. Be willing to sacrifice your own time when it is needed.

Let your actions speak for themselves. Diligence will be noticed by your boss. Make sure that you are always on time when handing in work or completing task and if possible try to be done ahead of time. That means that you need to learn good time management skills. If you make sure to prioritize your task you will find less of a need to rush through things and you will do a better job. If you work smarter, instead of harder, your boss will see you as being more efficient.

You also need to make an effort to demonstrate your full potential. Know what your strengths and weakness are. Look for opportunities to show off your strengths and make sure that you are looking for opportunities to use your strengths in a way that will be beneficial to the company and to your boss. There are many opportunities to show your employer exactly what you are capable of, but if you are not sure of that yourself you will be missing out on these chances.

Be helpful. When your co-workers need help, take the initiative. Be available to those who you can help using your expertise. Team players are valuable so be willing to jump in and provide information or use your special skills to help the team.

Have a great attitude. Always keep a positive frame of reference. Show enthusiasm. Work hard and be committed. If you follow these tips you will be sure to be in your boss’s good books!