5 More Reasons You Don’t Have a Job: Part 2 – Your Skills

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Yesterday we talked about reasons that employers might not hire you that are based around your appearance. But sometimes it is your actual skills that are the problem.

Some of the skills related reasons that you might not be hired include:

Poor communications skills. You need to be able to communicate effective, both in writing and verbally. Your cover letter will help them determine your writing skills. Your interview will help them determine your speaking skills. If you think you need help with your communications skills take a writing class, practice writing online, or join a speaking group like Toastmasters

You can’t follow directions. The ability to follow directions is very important and sometimes employers will place specific directions in the job advertisement or they might give you directions in the phone call when they set up a time for the interview. These directions are likely added simply to find out how well you are able to follow them. Pay attention and write things down when you are given directions and make sure to follow them perfectly.

You are under-qualified. If you have less than 60% of the skills that have been required in the job description you are unlikely to get the job. Some of the important skills that employers might ask for might be things like experience with specific software or a degree. If you don’t have these it might be time to think about upgrading your education and skills with a business course.

You are over-qualified. Yes, people are often not hired because they have too many skills. Employers who come across people with many skills might feel that there is no way you could be satisfied in a job that is not utilizing the skills you already have. They may think that you will be leaving them as soon as a better job comes up. Make sure that you only highlight the skills that apply to the job when you are writing your cover letter and when you are in the interview.

You have poor interview skills. Interview skills are critical if you want to get the job. You need to be relaxed and confident and ready to sell yourself.
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