Enter the Robertson College Contest and Win!

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As you know, our 100th anniversary is approaching and we would like to celebrate by hearing about some of the great experiences our students have had.

Write us a short essay or make a video about one of your favourite experiences!

  • It could be:
  • A field trip you went on in class
  • An instructor who helped you in class
  • Another staff member that helped you
  • How the results of what you learned helped you on the job

But it does not have to be limited to these things. Anything that is related to how the college affected your life in a positive way will qualify.


  • No profanity – please use your best judgement.
  • Each essay should be a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 500 words; videos should be a minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 5 minutes
  • The focus of your essay must be a positive experience.
  • You must have graduated from Robertson College in the year 2000 or later OR still be attending college.

Once you have written your essay send it to blog@robertsoncollege.com and include your name, address, phone number, and the date of your graduation so you can be notified if you win the contest. If you have made a video you can submit it to your own YouTube channel and send us a link to the page it is on. Put “ESSAY/VIDEO CONTEST” in the subject line so that it does not go to the spam box!

How do you win?

Your essay/video will be published on the Robertson Reader (http://www.robertsonreaders.com) and the essay/video with the most votes/comments will win so it is your job to spread the word. Get your friends and family to come and "vote" for your essay by providing them with a link to the blog post that has your essay on it. You can email the link directly to people you know, you can put it on your Facebook account, your Twitter, or any other type of social media that you use. You CANNOT engage in spam methods (like sending emails to people that you do not know or putting your link on random Facebook pages that have nothing to do with our site) to get comments; this will disqualify your entry. Each entry will be promoted through Robertson College's social media channels as well.

What qualifies as a vote?

A vote for your essay is any comment that is left on the blog post that your essay is in. They can simply say “vote” or they can leave a legitimate comment. Only one comment per person will count so even if you have one friend that leaves 5 comments, only one vote will count. Facebook “likes” or shares do not count as a vote. Tweets do not count as a vote. People must come to the blog and leave a vote in the form of a comment.

How Do I know if I won?

The winner will be announced first at our 100th anniversary celebration and you will be awarded your prize money there if you attend. You will also be notified by phone before the announcement.

Why should you enter this contest? Because you love us of course! But also for the prizes:
• Grand prize: $100
• Second prize: $50
• Third prize: $25

When you complete your essay/video and send it in please include this statement, filling in your name and date of graduation in the spaces provided. If you do not include the statement, you essay cannot be included in the contest.

Deadline:  September 30, 2011

I, (your name here), understand that by submitting this essay/video for inclusion in the contest; I give Robertson College permission to use this essay/video on the Robertson Reader. Parts of the essay/video may also be published on the Robertson College web site or for other promotion purposes with or without my name associated with it. I give Robertson College exclusive rights to use this essay/video.
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