Get Creative with Your Job Search

Did you know that job search doesn't have to be boring?  Think about what you know and love - there is a good chance that you can use that to find a job.

For some time now people have been looking for new and creative ways to get the jobs the want.  Noticed that I said, "the jobs they want" - not just any old job.  There is no reason that you have to be satisfied with just getting a job that will pay the bills.  If you are willing and able to think outside the box you can likely find many ways to get the attention of the company that you want to be hired by.

Take Alec Brownstein as an example.

At 28 years old, he had some very specific job goals and the job he was in was not going to help him reach them.  So he thought about the companies that could help him reach those goals and then he tried to find a new and interested way to get in their view.  And he sure did.

He ran a Google Ads campaign (those ads that you see BEFORE all the other search results came up) to target high profile people in specific companies.  Really, we all Google ourselves (admit it - you've done it right?) and when these high profile people Googled themselves they found a personal message from Alec that invited them to visit his site because he wanted to work for them.

Check out this video and see the results:

Should you do the same thing?

You could, but why not come up with something original?  Research the company you want to work with.  Find out who you need to get the attention of to get hired. Find out what they do in their spare time if you can.  Maybe there is a sporting event that they always go to or a charity that they are passionate about.  Find a hook.

You can do it - just think creatively!