Combatting Forgetfulness as an Adult Student

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Being an adult student is not easy!  I know that when I was going to school with two young children and working a job on top of it I would forget my head if it wasn't attached!  But there are some tips and tricks that can be helpful if you use them.  If you don't try them though they don't do much good.

Write it Down

That is the big one.  No matter what, you gotta write stuff down.  If it is not written down you might eventually remember that doctor's appointment or that the kids are off school early for the day but it might be too late!

Where?  That's up to you.  Some people like to just carry a list book with them.  Write down things that need to be done on a dated page.  There are loads of choices at stationary stores to choose from.  Big or small - whatever suits your needs best. 

The more you get into a habit of writing things down the easier it gets.

Create a Routine

Now those things you write down are not going to help you unless you take the time to LOOK at your list of things that you have to remember.  So, get into a routine of looking at your list at certain times of the day.

Obviously, you should look at your list first thing in the morning, before you leave your house. That will remind you of all the things you have going on during the day. You might want to look at your list before you get to class (because I know you're showing up 15 minutes before class starts, right?) so you know what you  need to get done during the day but also so you can add things that you might have forgotten to write down.  Take a quick peek at that list before you go for lunch because you might have things on there that you planned to do during your lunch hour, like mailing the bills.  Look at your list before you leave for home and then once more before you go to bed at night. 

If you get used to looking at your list at pre-set times it will become a habit and you're less likely to forget about the list.

Isn't This Old School?

Yes, lists are old school.  If you are a more techy person and have an iPod phone or a Blackberry you can use that just as well.  But many adult students don't like technology.  That's fine.  The old fashioned paper list can work just as well as a more technologically savvy device.  Use what you are most comfortable with.  Use what you will remember to look at most often.

Is the list method terribly simplified?  Sure.  It is.  But the truth is that no time managment system or reminder system will benefit you if you don't use it.  And if you DO use it it doesn't matter how much it cost you or how technological it is - you will see the benefits!
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