Even ProBlogger Knows That Blogging is Great for Students

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In case you aren't aware of who ProBlogger is (and really, there's no major reason why you should know this unless  you are already into blogging), ProBlogger is the blog of Darren Rowse, a highly respected professional blogger.  He lives off of the income that he makes from his blogs and his books about blogging.

Anyway, the point is that  blogging is good for students and it can help you get a job!  I've written about this in the past and ProBlogger agrees with me!

Today, Micheal White guest posted about 8 Reasons Why Students Should Blog and he made some really good points that reinforces what I've already said.

Students should be worried about their job prospects. I am. Competition is rife and the top advertised jobs receive hundreds of applications. Our work experiences are not just being challenged by a surge of candidates, but our very degrees are being questioned.

Surely you understand what he's saying.  You go to an interview and the interviewer wants to know what kind of education you really have.  They want to know about the reputation of your school.  They want to know how you can apply what  you have learned in the real world.

The truth is, the employer is likely looking you up online before they even call you in for the interview so why not give them something good to find?  Why not take control of what interviewers are finding?  Why leave it up to search engine robots who will just give them your latest tweets rather than give them something of value?

Should you start a blog?  Are  you ready to display your knowledge?

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