Why is Google+ a Great Social Network for Promoting Yourself?

You may have heard about Google+ or you might already be using it.  Google+ is the social network that is owned by Google.  Although it is not as big as Facebook or even Twitter yet, it has a lot of potential to become that big and now is the time to get in there and start using it. 

Many of you already use Facebook or Twitter but you may only be using it for fun and personal use.  It is hard to change an personal account over to be more of a professional account.  But that’s a great reason to start fresh with Google+.


One of the major reasons to use Google+ as a social network for promoting yourself professionally is because of Search+.  Those who have Search+ activated on their Google search get results based on who they are connected with on Google+ before other results.  This is based on the idea that you can get information from those you already know and trust, rather than from random, unknown sources. 

For example, if you are connect with Business Professional A and they search for a term that you frequently post updates about they will find your updates in the search engine.  If you are a medical assistant and you share a relevant link about your search for a job as a medical assistant they will find that in the search results if they are searching for medical assistants that are looking for jobs.  This is just an example but it can work in many ways.

Google Profiles

Google Profiles are another great reason to use Google+. When you have a Google+ account you can create a profile that is as in-depth as you would like it to be.  You can include your education and training, your charities that you are involved in, and professional events that you have attended.  The more in-depth your profile is the better.  Why?

Because Google Profiles are given preference in the search engines.  If you search for me my Google+ Profile shows up on the first page.

Make Connections

Google+ is a great way to make professional connections.  You can have conversations on Google+ that are public or private.  You can share information and ask questions and reach out to people in a way that you might not be able to on other social networks.

So, get set up with Google+ today.  Not sure how to do that?  Then stay tuned because tomorrow I’ll show you how!  And then follow the official Robertson College Google+ account!