How To Find People to Connect with on Google+

One of the most important parts of social networks is making connections with people.  You can connect with people that can help you get a job or you can connect with people that will help you with your continuous learning.  You can also connect with people that can help you meet the right people. The toughest part is, finding the people that you want to connect with.

The most obvious way to find people who are on Google+ and in your industry is to search for there - where else? - on Google.  You can often find people’s Google+ profiles simply be searching for people.  Experiment with different terms and ways of searching.

The second way would be to search within the Google+ network.   At the top of the page you can search for specific people or you can search for terms. Try searching for “human resources Canada” and see what you find. You’ll find posts about human resources and you’ll find people, too.  Again, experiment with different terms for searching within the Google+ network and you’ll find different results. 

Also within the Google+ network, you click on Circles (you’ll find it on your left sidebar) and find options for finding people. Click on Find People for Google+ suggestions based on what kind of statuses you share and who you are already connected with.  It will also help you connect with people that you have been in contact with using your gmail account.   You can also click on someone you already have circled and find people that they have circled and you will likely find others that are worth connecting with.

Finally, you can also use a search directory like - it makes it so easy to find people in your industry.  Take some time to explore this site and you’ll find that there are many ways to find people. You can look for people by where they work, what kind of work they do, where they live, and you can even find brands (otherwise, you can connect with specific places of business).

Search by Brand 

Search by Employer

Search by Occupation

As you go you will find that it is easy to connect with people on Google+.  They don’t have to follow you back but you can get their attention in other ways.  For example, you can send them a direct message that can’t be seen by anyone else or you can write a status and “tag” them in it by adding their name to the people who the status is directed at.

I’ll talk more about circles and how they can be used most effectively and about directing messages towards specific people or groups of people tomorrow.