Your Google+ Profile - Make it Searchable

Now that you have got your Google+ account set up you need to make sure that your profile page is set up properly and is searchable. What does that mean? It means that when people search for certain terms they will be more likely to find you. Google Profiles are especially search engine friendly so this is a great place to sell yourself.

First, let’s talk about keywords a bit. Keywords are words and terms in a body of text that help search engines determine what a page is about. They look for words and phrases that are used in the first paragraph and are used more often than others in a body of text. So, for example, if you are looking for a job as a medical assistant in Winnipeg you might use terms like “Winnipeg medical assistant” or “medical assistant in Winnipeg” or “medical assistant in Manitoba”. Think about how you would use these terms as you talk about yourself.

Second, you need to think about what you really want to say about yourself. Think of it as that first question you often get in an interview: “Tell me about yourself”.

It is important that you do not ramble on and fill the page with information that is completely irrelevant to anything an employer would want to know. You can include some personal information about your hobbies to give it a more personal appeal but the bulk of the information should be concise and professional.

Use a concrete experience to demonstrate your skills and strengths. This goes along with the old piece of advice given to writers of all genres - show, don’t tell. Instead of saying that you are an organized person with great office skills, pick an experience that you have had that shows them that. You might talk about a project that you completed involving organizing the filing system and creating a computer back up of the system using Word and scanning tools. This is just an example - your experience should be personal to you and it might take some time to come up with something that is adequate.

If you are using any other social media for professional means you can include links to them on your profile. You can also include links to articles you’ve published, a blog, or any other web presence that you wish to draw attention to.

Your tagline is what people will see when they hover over your picture. You should make this a concise sentence or two that sums up your professional goals. Think of this as being similar to the elevator speech you might use when you introduce yourself to someone at a professional networking event.

Finally, don’t forget to include a picture. Yes, your picture matters. You don’t have to be a model but you should show potential clients that you have a friendly face. They should be able to envision you working in their company so make sure you are dressed nicely. Not party pics or pictures of your dog or kids.

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