7 Sure Fire Tips to Get that Promotion

Are you aware of an opening in the company that you work for that you could apply for?  Or are you just thinking into the future about possible promotions?  The best way to get a promotion is to think about your actions long before you need to.

Here are some great tips to help you get promoted:

  1. Make sure that whatever job you do now, you are doing it well.  If you can't handle a lesser job there is no way that you will be promoted into a new position that has more challenges, authorities, or responsibilities.
  2. Stay connected.  Even when you're not at the office it is a good idea to be connected to the office.  What if someone needs a file over the weekend and you have it on your work computer.  Do you really want to have to drive all the way to work to email it to the person who needs it?  If you are on top of technology, you can stay connected to your office computer, even when you aren't in the office.
  3. Make the time that you spend at work efficient.  If you ever have to leave early or if you have to leave at a specific time of day every day, make sure that the time  you are at work is efficient.  That means that you get as much done as possible.  Productive employees are respected, even if they do have time limitations of when they can be at the office.
  4. Be willing to help.  Your co-workers will appreciate your efforts if you are available to help them.  Sometimes someone needs someone to cover their work load when they have a family emergency. Or someone might be working on a project that has a task that they are not overly familiar with and you are.  If  you are a cooperative co-worker, others will be happy to recommend you.
  5. Respect company privacy.  When you are working on a project, remember that not everyone in the company should be privy to the same information that you are.  That means that when you walk away from your desk you need to remember to lock your computer.  You don't want the wrong person to come by and have access to information and files that should not be available to them.
  6. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  If you want to be considered promotable, dress the part.  Invest in quality clothing that look professional.  You'll feel more professional and your employers will consider you to be that way, too.
  7. If you have children always have a backup plan for child care.  Actually have several backup plans!  Generally, if something comes up at your child's school and they have to be picked up early, most employers are pretty understanding of this.  But what if it happens on a day when you have a pending deadline and it is crucial that it be met.  Are you going to let down your employers because little Johnny has the sniffles and the school wants him to be taken home?  Or do you have a list of people that  you can call to cover for you at home until the deadline is met?