Job Dissatisfaction - Get Rid of it!

Career Day
Career Day (Photo credit: Tulane Public Relations)

Many people suffer from dissatisfaction on the job.  There are many reasons that people become dissatisfied with their job but it usually leads to apathy.  When people become apathetic about their job they usually stop doing it well and just try to get by with “enough”.  That’s not a good place to be in because the company will suffer and ultimately, you might lose your job.

One of the first steps to getting rid of job dissatisfaction is figuring out the reason behind it.

One reason that people sometimes become unhappy with their work is that they don’t feel like they are making a real contribution.  When this happens you need to find something at your job to engage you or you can change career paths.  I’d almost always recommend finding something engaging to do at your job before completely leaving your current career behind.  If that doesn’t work, a career change might be just what you need.  You don’t always have to go to a university where you take a 4 year degree course.  Sometimes a short term course is your best option.

Another thing you can do is attend some workshops to explore a new career or to inspire you in the career that you are currently in.  Workshops can be great short term solutions.  You can learn new skills and the enthusiasm of other participants and the workshop leaders can be contagious.  It’s exciting to be able to learn to do something new and find a way to apply it to your work.  Your employers will be impressed at your initiative, too, and it could lead to a promotion to a new and exciting position.

The average life span is only about 4000 weeks long and there are only 7 days in each week so you really can’t afford to sit around at a job that you are truly unhappy with.  Give yourself a time limit to see if you can make your job more enjoyable.  After that decide to make a choice to make a change.  Look into career options and find some possibilities for training in a new career.  Time is limited and there’s no point in wasting it with being dissatisfied. 

There are many ways that you can train in a new career.  You might decide to go to university but you will find that other options are there, too.  You might find that you can train for a new career in a year orless.  You will likely find that there are online training options that would suit your life very well.  These options will give you hope and knowing that they are there is the first step.