Networking within Your Company Can Help Your Career Advancement

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Your job should be in your control.  You should be able to plan it out, follow the steps and see yourself progress accordingly.  At least that is what most people think.  The truth is that this is generally not how it works in the real world.

The truth is that you can't predict things like the other people you work with, your boss or his/her moods and preconceptions, and the economy.  The best laid plans rarely go exactly as we want them to.  We often need to make changes along the way and we need to be able to adapt as necessary.

If you want to advance in your career there are some things you can do to encourage advancement.  These are things that you can control.

One of those things is networking within the company network.  Most people think of networking as something you do when you are looking for a new job but networking within the company you work for can be valuable, too.

You can network with in your company in many ways including:

  • taking part in company sports
  • taking part in company volunteer activities
  • consulting with a coworker on a project you are working on 
  • consulting with a coworker on a project they are working on
  • joining people for lunch
  • talking about personal projects
  • sharing past experiences that can help your coworkers
  • joining a brainstorming team
These are just some examples.  Can you think of others?

Although you can't control everything there are some things you can control so take advantage of those things.