People Are Getting More Online Diplomas than Offline Diplomas

Online education and Financial Aid
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Education diplomas earned at online universities now dwarf those of traditional universities. USA Today analyzed recent Department of Education data and found that online education behemoth, the University of Phoenix, awarded more than twice as many education diplomas as its closest traditional more here
I know this is an article based on US findings but it is still very revealing.  More and more people are using online education to get diplomas.  And more and more employers are giving them as much value as traditional diplomas.

People are using online education for many reasons:

  • They can study at their own pace.
  • They can study around their schedules.
  • They can study where they want.
  • They can continue to work while going to school.
  • They can work around their family life.
Getting an education online can be great for those who need more flexibility.

Employers are accepting online diplomas more often because they know that online courses today are not like the online courses of the past.  Because of technology, online courses can offer more interaction between instructors and students as well as between students.  Technology makes it easier for students to get hands on practice using software that is necessary for their career instead of just reading about it.