Yes, YOU Should Have a Facebook Page!

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Are you looking for a job?  Are you planning to look for a job in the near future?  Or maybe you just suspect that sometime in the next year you might have to look for a job.

If any of those are true, you should have a Facebook Page.  No, I'm not talking about your personal profile where you share jokes with your friends and display the pictures from your latest wild trip to Mexico.  I'm talking about a Facebook Page, like many businesses have.


Because Facebook Pages show up really well in the search engines and if you name your Facebook Page with your real name and your career field, you can easily get the attention of employers when they are searching for people in your area.  For example, if you live in Winnipeg and you have studied (or are still studying) to be a Software Developer you could name your page "Chris Stockwell, Winnipeg Software Developer".  Or if you are willing to move to other locations you could name it "Chris Stockwell, Canadian Software Developer".

If employers search for your name when you apply for a job you want to make sure that they have something good to find.  You want them to find something that YOU are in control of - like a Facebook Page. Google yourself now.  What shows up?  Wouldn't it be great if your professional Facebook Page showed up first and you could display your talents, skills, and experience easily? It's like an ongoing resume - but interactive.

Not sure what to do with it?

Here are some ideas:

  • Share inspirational quotes
  • Share your blog posts if you have a blog set up
  • Share pictures of you at professional event
  • Create a video and share it
  • Share articles about your career field and your opinion on it
  • Share news about your career field - especially new trends!
  • Ask thought provoking questions
  • Share links to news that is related to your industry
  • Use Facebook as your Page and like other pages and comment on them
Wait - hold up!  What's that last one?  It's a pretty nifty little trick is what it is.  When you have a Facebook Page you can use Facebook as your page instead of your profile.  When you do that you can get all sorts of professional exposure.

Here's how you do it:

At the top of your page you will see some tabs that you only see if you are a page admin.  One of them is Edit Page.  Click on that.  Then click on Use Facebook as (your page name).  

It's that easy.  Now that you are using Facebook as your professional page instead of your profile you can look up companies that you would like to work for and like their pages.  When you do that, you can easily follow their updates by clicking on the Facebook logo to go to your pages newsfeed.  

If you check in a couple times a week and comment on other pages status updates and pictures and so on, they will eventually notice you.  That could potentially be your "in" at the company you want to work for!

One more nifty thing about Facebook Pages.  People can now contact you through your Facebook Page.  There's a message button that you can make available to those who like your page (it is available by default and will only become invisible if you purposefully turn it off).  That means that businesses can contact you without ever having to go to your personal Facebook Profile.

So, start your professional Facebook Page today.  Ask your friends to like it.  Share it on your personal Facebook Profile from time to time.  Over time you will get more and more likes on your page if you are active and provide useful info.