Why Should You Socialize at Work

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More and more I hear people say, “I don’t really like to socialize at work.  I just do my job.”  But by not socializing at work you may be doing yourself an injustice and missing out on some good opportunities.
Studies have found that work socialization can:
  • Increase productivity
  • Keep you healthier
  • Help new employees fit in and learn faster
  • Encourage teamwork

So how can you socialize at work, without getting into trouble for not getting your work done?

Start by taking advantage of group activities.  If there is a company sports team, sign up.  Join people for lunch. Organize group events.  If these things aren’t happening at your work, maybe you can be the one to start them.  If you’re new at the job, look for someone that has been there awhile to join you in your effort to start some group activities.

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