4 Careers for Those with a Diploma as a Medical Assistant

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If you are interested in working in the medical field, then a diploma as a medical assistant can be a great start.  Our baby boomers are getting older and the demand for people who have an education and have the right skill sets.  Although doctors and nurses are part of that demand, those doctors and nurses need good support staff, too.  People who have diplomas as medical assistants help doctors and nurses do their job by keeping everything running smoothly. 

Those with dipolmas as medical assistants will find that there are many different kinds of jobs that are available to them.

About a Career as a Medical Assistant

The main job of a medical assistant is planning, coordinating, directing, and supervising the services that are delivered at various types of health care facilities.  This can include:
  • Groups of physicians working in the same building
  • Health care facilities
  • Departments within clinics

Jobs for People with Medical Assistant Diplomas

1. Clinic Adminstrators

Those who work in clinical administration areas are often responsible for a certain department with a hospital or a clinic.  They may create and monitor budgets, implement policies, create reports, and monitor patient care.  Without a good clinical administrator, the entire practice can suffer.

2. Administrators in Hospitals

In order for patients to be cared for properly and the hospital to run smoothly, hospitals need qualified administrators.  Medical assistants who find positions as hospital administrators will be expect to handle records, maintain the records and keep them updated, create schedules, monitor and maintain budgets, and keep track of inventory.

3. Manager of Health Information

The information that is contained in patient files is very important.  Any doctor should be able to access a patient’s file and be able to easily find what they are looking for.  If they can’t, the patient’s health, and even life, could be at risk.  Health information managers are also responsible to make sure that patient records are kept confidential and that no one who should not have access to them can get to them.  Technology is an important part of this job so the health information manager must be able to use different programs and software expertly.

4. Nursing home administrator

Elderly people that live in nursing homes rely on the expertise and professionalism of the staff for both their health care and for their ability to live out a quiet and safe life.  It takes a person that is not only skilled but is empathetic and caring to do well in the position of a nursing home administrator.  Some of the responsibilities include management of admissions, property, staff, and finances.

Get Started with a Medical Assistant Diploma

In order to get any of these positions you need to start your education.  A medical assistant diploma is a good start.  It will give you a good idea of whether you are well suited to this career or not.  Many of these positions do require that you have many years of experience and even more education sometimes but if you start with a medical assistant diploma you can start with entry level positions that will help you get there.   Everyone has to start somewhere!