Is a Software Developer the Same as a Computer Programmer?

If you have been considering training in either of these fields you should learn that they are not the same thing and there are some differences between the two.  You should see what the differences are so you can decide which career is more suitable to you.  We wouldn’t want you to sign up for a course and then be confused by the material!

Code development is more along the lines  of what computer programmers do.  They develop,  maintain, and test the code so that it fits the specification of the project manager.  Analytical and organizational skills are need, as well as the ability to work as both part of a team and independently.  Following directions is crucial and you must have a high level of math and science skills.  Sometime computer programmers will also have to put together reports so they should have a solid grasp on programming languages and an understanding of software and hardware terms.

On the other hand, software developers are more directly involved in the development, maintenance and testing of software programs.  Clients can be governments or companies.  You will need to develop a solid background in your training so that you understand things like design and development of software.  Again, you may work alone or as part of a team so you must have good communication skills and you must be accountable for your actions.

The biggest differences is that if a software developer is not working alone they are likely to be leading a team, while a computer programmer is more likely to be part of a team if they aren’t working alone.  Because of this software developers need to have excellent leadership skills.