4 More Tips to Conduct Your Job Search with Purpose

job hunting
job hunting (Photo credit: Robert S. Donovan)
Yesterday I talked about having purpose in your job search and how it can make it easier on you.  By bringing more focus into your job search strategies you’ll spend more time on things that get results and less time on things that are just time wasters.  Here are a few more tips to give your job search purpose.

1. Keep your objectives in the forefront.

Whenever you are doing something that requires focus it is a good idea to make sure that your objectives are always right in front of you.  Now that you know what your job objectives are, how do you keep them at the front of your mind and in the minds of people you want to think of you when that job comes up? 

Make your objectives part of your networking package. Include them in a short bio.  Put them on a business card.  Remember that business cards are not just for people that have great jobs already.  If you don’t have business cards yet, they are very affordable at VistaPrint Canada and sometimes you can even get them for free.

2. Find a networking event to attend and go with your purpose in mind.

Networking events can be a great tool to finding a job but they can be useless if you don’t go with your purpose in mind.  What do you hope to gain from the event? Who do you want to meet?  What tools do you need to bring with you to make sure that the people you meet will remember you?

3. Become an extrovert.

This can be very hard for some people – especially if they have been told by others that they are shy all of their lives.  But shyness is something you can overcome.  It just takes practice.  Start with talking to the person next to you at the dentist office.  If you’re worried about having a long conversation, show up just before you are supposed to get in and start a conversation.  It’s easy to turn the conversation towards work and job searching because everyone can relate to that.  You never know – you might be talking to the CEO of the company that you want to work for or a new start up in the area that is looking for someone with your skills and training. 

Remember, you can’t overcome something like shyness if you don’t try.  And the thing is, they are strangers so who cares if you make a fool of yourself.  Chances are that won’t happen anyway.  But the more you put yourself out there, the more opportunities you have to make connections that could last for a long time.

4. Stay connected.

Finally, the thing that many people forget – once you connect with someone, stay connected.  So many people make that initial connection and then they just let it go.  And then they wonder why that guy that they met while taking their dog to the groomers that works at XYZ Company who promised that he’d call…never did.  He didn’t call because he went home and his kids were all over them and his youngest thought that your card would make a great chew toy and he didn’t notice until he found it in a ball in her sock in the laundry.  And then he went to work the next day and…

You get the point right?  Stay connected with people by using social media and email. Thank them for the conversation.  Be smart and funny and don’t be pushy.  Just be friendly.  They’ll respond to your job search needs if the opportunity arises.