4 Ways to Conduct Your Job Search with Purpose

Job search is hard – there’s no two ways about that.  But if you have purpose and a plan it will make it a lot easier.  Be efficient and spend your time on the things that will deliver the most opportunity.  Try building some of these tips into your job search and you will find that searching for a job is not nearly as hard as it was before.

1. Have a clear objective.

Know what you are looking for.  Are you looking for a job that will help you learn more skills?  Are you looking for a job in a specific area?  It is hard to tell people in your network what kind of job you want if you are not clear on that yourself. Gather as much tangible data about the job you want as you can you will have a much clearer idea of what you’re looking for.

2. Create your network by starting with the most obvious people.

The people that are closest to you are the ones that will care the most so begin with family, friends, and people you have worked with in the past.  These people have an interest in you getting a job you like because if you’re happy they will be happy.  Don’t let pride hold you back.  Utilize the knowledge and connections of the people that are closest to you.

3. Build your social networking profile.

You can choose several networks to focus on or just use one for your social media job search activity. If you are going to use just one, go with Google+ or LinkedIn. These two social platforms are created with all the tools that job searchers need to find work through online networks.  Connect with people in fields you want to work in and join groups. Ask questions, share knowledge, and don’t be afraid to send a private message to someone once you have connected with them socially.  And connecting with someone socially means more than just adding them to your circle.  It means having conversations with them in public first.

4. Make conversations relevant.

This can apply to social networking or networking in the real world.  One of the ways that we have conversations is by telling stories so become an expert story teller.  Make each story you tell have a purpose.  What is the point behind your conversation?  Are you demonstrating that you’re a know it all or are you showing people that you are interested in other people’s interests and genuinely willing to help?