5 Tips for Making Travel Arrangements

Travel Documents
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At some point in your career as an administrative assistant you are likely going to need to make travel arrangements for someone in the office.  Travel arrangements can be difficult at times but if you familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures of your company you'll find good guidelines that will get you started.
Here are a few tips to make sure that nothing is overlooked:

  • Check the itinerary carefully.  Make sure that dates, times and reservations are correct.  Are you consistent with your time zones?  I'm sure that the traveller will not be very happy to find out that the meeting was at 2 pm and not 1 pm because it was assumed that the times were local.  
  • Make sure the ticket times and the itinerary times are matching.
  • Get a cash advance for the trip ahead of time if it is needed.  Cash advances often need a few days to be approved.
  • Have hotel reservations and car rental information ready with local information on the itinerary.
  • You and the traveller should have a copy of the itinerary in case the traveller misplaces their copy.
  • Make sure you and the traveller are familiar with current travel regulations.  They tend to change frequently.  And remember that individual airline regulations may differ from one another.  You should be able to find the information online.
If you are careful and use these tips you can make sure that the traveller has a pleasant trip.
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