10 Ways to Show That You Have Teamwork Skills

source: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1058515
One of the qualities that almost every employer looks for in a potential employee is teamwork skills.  It is critical for almost every job because you will always be working with other people to some degree.  Other people on the team will depend on you to do your job and to be available to help when your expertise is needed.

So how do you show that you have teamwork skills?

1. Show that you are reliable.  Get your work done on time or ahead of time.  Stick to your commitments. Be consistent. Be the person that others can count on every time, not just on occasion.

2. Show that you have good communications skills. Learn to express yourself concisely and honestly.  Always have respect for others when communicating.  Be confident and positive.

3. Be an active listener. When you listen, make sure that you understand what is being said by rephrasing the information.  Listen before you speak so that others feel that they have your attention when they need it.

4. Be an active participant.  Be ready for meetings ahead of time with all the materials that you need.  Take part in discussions and avoid sitting passively while others do all the talking. Volunteer to take on tasks.

5. Share your knowledge willingly. Share your experience and be the one to step up and keep other members of the team informed. Be willing to share important news on a regular basis and keep others on the team in the loop so that the job can get done more effectively.

6. Cooperate.  Work with the team to get the job done.  Be ready to offer help when you can and ask for help if you need it. 

7. Be flexible.  Situations change often so be ready to work with the change and don’t complain about it.  Avoid getting stressed when changes come about.  Compromise with your team members instead of arguing points.

8. Show that you are committed. Be there every day. Put in your best effort at all times and encourage others to do the same.

9. Be a problem solver.  Don’t be afraid of problems but address them and come up with solutions.  Don’t run away from them.  Don’t go over a problem over and over again and don’t put it off.  Instead discuss the problem openly and be ready to find a solution.

10. Be respectful. Always be considerate of other team members.  Provide assistance without restrictions. Have a sense of humor and have fun, but never at someone else’s expense.