Put Your Job Search on Steroids with LinkedIn

I’ve talked about LinkedIn before.  It’s the social network that almost seems like it was designed for job searchers.  So, you’ve likely signed up and you have an account, maybe you’ve filled in some of the sections – but do you know what to do with it now?  Most people don’t, so don’t feel too bad if you haven’t gotten any further than that.

These techniques are specific to LinkedIn and are sure to put your just search on steroids!

Start Networking

You know what networking is. We’ve talked about it lots before and if you have completed the job search section at Robertson College you likely know that networking is the #1 way that people find jobs.  Networking can open doors that were previously closed to you.

One of the keys of successful networking is knowledge.  It’s almost impossible to be an effective networker if you know nothing about people, the company they work for, or the activities that a company is involved in. LinkedIn is great for gathering information.  You can also see what kinds of people are connected together, what businesses people are connected in, groups that they are active in and more.

Connect with Companies

You’ve likely heard of the hidden job market right?  But no one can really tell you what it is – because it is hidden.  Ok, I’m going to reveal it for you….

The hidden job market is the jobs that aren’t available yet but are going to be in the future.  They haven’t been advertised yet but you can get a jump on them by connecting with the companies that will be hiring before the jobs are out there for everyone else to find.

How?  Start by choosing a few companies you want to work with.  Find out who are some of the key players in the company that may have some influence over who gets hired. Connect with those people.  Ask them questions.  Thank them for the information they share.  By doing this you will appear on their radar.

Next, observe the company’s LinkedIn profile carefully.  You can find out who works there, what they do, and even statistical data that is made public.  By doing this you can get a good feel for the company and you can make sure YOUR profile is in line with their needs and their company ethics.

If that company shares things on LinkedIn, make sure you are following them.  Then comment on their shares.  Demonstrate that you are authentic and that you have a passion for what they do.  They will notice!

Connect with Recruiters

Many companies use recruiters to help them fill job positions.  This is especially true of large companies.  But recruiters often have so many applications to wade through that it is hard to make yourself stand out.  If you are on LinkedIn and you have connected with those recruiters though, they will recognize your name if you are already interacting with them.

You can fine recruiters by simply searching for them but you can also find recruiters in groups.  Groups are a great way to connect with people without having to send them a connect request.  They may even send that request to you if you stand out!