Why You Didn’t Get That Job & 3 Things You Can Do About It

Did you really want that job and you thought you had done everything you could to make yourself stand out…and then you never heard a single thing about it?  It happens and it can be very discouraging.

There are several reasons why you might not have heard back from that job that you really wanted.

One of the most common reasons is that your application was not even looked at.  Some jobs are so in demand that companies get hundreds of applications – sometimes even thousands – for a job.  For most companies that’s a very good thing as it gives them more choice. But it is also a bad thing because there is no way that they can get through all those applications before the job has to be filled.  As a result, some resumes might not be seen for months or even longer.  Some might not be seen at all.

It is also quite possible that you simply were not qualified for the job in question and there were others that were more qualified.  Pull out the job description and give it another look. You should have a good idea of whether or not you were really qualified for the job.  If you had only 2 years of experience and they asked for 3 years, there’s a pretty good chance that someone with 3 years  of experience applied and had the skills needed for the job.

By the time you applied for the job, the recruiter or the human resources department might have already found enough qualified applicants. If they have, they might already be in the interview process and may want to focus on those people rather than consider more.

How Can You Get Your Resume Seen?

1. Find a connection. Have you been building your network?  If you have you might have a connection that can help you get your application to the right person.  It might not be someone you are directly connected with but thanks to social networks, you might be able to find out if someone you know has a connection that is related to the company you want to work for.  If that is the case, ask for an introduction.  Reach out to that person and briefly mention the job you applied for and why you think you’d be perfect for it.

2. If you can’t find a connection, consider sending a “cold email” to check on the current situation for that job.  Mention the title of the job and the job number if applicable.  Simply asking where you might stand in the application can help bring your resume to their attention.  Be specific in who you contact.  It should either be someone that is in human resources or in the department that you want to work in.

3. If all else fails, take in a hard copy of your resume or mail it.  This might not help you figure out where you stand but a physical resume on quality paper can help you stand out in a world of digital resumes.  Present it professionally and include a great cover letter and it may be enough to get the attention you did not get before.