Evaluate Your Skills Before You Choose a Career

Things You Like & Things Your Good At

The first thing you need to do is evaluate the skills that you have and think about what you enjoy doing. Knowing what you are already good at and knowing what you like to do will help you to find a career that will enjoy for many years to come.

So, create two lists.  You first list will be the things you are good at.  Write down everything no matter how unimportant it seems.  Are you good at skateboarding?  Drawing?  Talking?  Writing?  Try to think of at least 20 things.

You might think that you are not making a lot of progress so far but know what you are good at and what you like to do gives you a good start to finding a career that you like.  You’re already further ahead than a lot of people who have been in the workforce for many years. 

Many people who have been working for a long time never thought about what they liked to do or what they were good at – they just thought were going to make money for the rest of their life.  But you can make money doing things that you actually enjoy and many of the things that you are good at have skills that can be related to a job.


Next you need to think more specifically about skills that you have developed in the work place.  Go back three jobs and think about duties, activities, accomplishments that you had on the job.
If you can, try to come up with things that you liked doing and that made you proud.  This isn’t always possible since not all jobs will excite everyone.


Next, you should go back to school.  In you last couple years of school what activities did you get involved in?  Were you on teams or did you work with a group of students?  What courses did you take by choice and what courses did you love?


The last thing you should consider is any awards or honors that you have received.  This could be awards that you have received in school, at church, or in the community.  Were you proud of it?  Did the award come as a result of something that you really enjoyed doing?

Summarize your skills

Now that you have thought of all the things you like doing, the things you are good at, the skills you have developed on the job, and the things you have been awarded for you should look through your lists and look for similarities.  Look for words that you have used several times or activities that have related skills.